SERPed Review – All-in-One SEO Tool – 2021

While there are many SEO tools available on the internet, some that work and some that don’t, there are only a handful of software packages that can make the same amount of noise needed as the SERPed SEO tool.

Without proper investment in SEO tools for your online marketing campaign, you could be wasting money.

What is is a cloud-based SEO platform that helps you manage all your projects and provides you with a feature-packed set of SEO tools useful for all types of professionals, from freelancers and site owners to digital agencies and marketing teams. SEO tool has some advanced features that I will reveal in this post…

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Do read the SERPed review below in this article… Review was developed by SEO professionals, taking into account all the shortcomings of the existing tools at the time of their creation.

The goal of is to make life easier for SEO workers by including many tools that automate recurring tasks and deliver real-time data, leaving you more time for analysis and creative thinking.

By automating the reports, it gives you more time to analyze them and find ways to improve your Search Engine Optimization strategy.

This SEO tools suite also comes with many other important features related to keyword research, domain search, backlink analysis, and rank tracking, just to mention a few.

It has its own analytics panel that eliminates the need to use Google Analytics, which we know is a very difficult tool to learn at first. makes it a lot easier to access all your SEO data under one roof.


  • All-in-one tool suite
  • Get metrics from multiple sources in one place
  • Flexible rank tracking
  • Easy to find high-quality aged domains
  • Helps you find new SEO leads and clients
  • Automated white-label reports


  • A bit overwhelming at first
  • No free trial

SERPed is a combination of these immensely powerful features in a single interface that would be the holy grail of SEO tools. And that’s what makes SERPed a great choice for both beginner and professional SEO experts.

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It combines 45+ tools for keyword research, backlinks, lead generation, advanced reporting, and ranking…

This tool is recommended for people who are beginning their journey in the field of SEO. It’s a must-have SEO tool for SEO agencies, SEO freelancers, in-house SEO teams, site owners, and bloggers. Features:’s keyword research tools help you find the most relevant keywords for your business using the Google API, among other sources.

This means that by using these tools, you will find the list of keywords that you should be targeting for both your SEO strategy and your Google Ads campaigns.

The golden words that customers use are perhaps the most important for any search engine marketing campaign…

  • Ultimate Search: Relevant keyword suggestions based on real-time research. The keywords returned are accompanied by useful numbers for CPC, traffic value, PPC competition, and monthly search volume.
  • What ranks where: useful for competitor keyword research? Enter a domain and get the keywords they rank for.
  • Long Tail Keywords: Do the work of Google Suggest. The feature offers the same autocomplete keyword ideas that you get with Ubersuggest.
  • Keyword analyzer: extracts all the relevant data from a keyword to help analyze its difficulty and competitiveness. This includes Alexa rank, social signals, MozRank, DA, PA, and referring domains.

The platform alone replaces many keyword and backlink research tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, Majestic, Moz, and many more. also offers a revenue calculator, allowing you to predict sales, monthly website visitors, and much more, all included in the same tool.

Here are some of its features:-

1. Keyword Research:

Keywords are undeniably important to succeeding in the World of the Internet. The Keyword Research feature allows us to find more profitable keywords with less competition in the specific niche.

To search for keywords, You just need to enter the seed keyword in the empty bar and it provides the list of keywords (more than hundreds of keywords) with other metrics like keyword difficulty score, CPC, traffic value, etc…

The Keyword Analyzer (keyword analysis) makes life easier for us by discovering our competitors, the factors that influence their Google ranking, and even guides us to do to surpass the competitors.

This is the best Keyword Research tool right for all of the niche marketers with a revenue calculator.

2. SEO Analysis

Would you like to get SEO metrics on any website, including your competitors?’s SEO analysis tools allow you to extract all SEO data from whatever URL you enter, including websites that you don’t have access to.

This way, you can know where your competitors’ backlinks are coming from and apply the same strategy.

Instead of having to subscribe to Moz and Majestic services, you can get all those ratings from the tool. also has its own website ranking system, which adds to the analysis.

With SEO analysis, you can access domain authority, page authority, Moz rank, and many more relevant metrics about your website and your competitors.

Their SEO analysis tools also allow you to analyze your own backlinks, identify potential opportunities, and block harmful backlinks on your website.

3. Project Management

The Site Manager tool allows you to control all your websites (projects) under the same tool, without having to create multiple accounts.

For each website, you can analyze various competitors (competition analysis) to understand their SEO tactics and which ones you should emulate.

This is really a useful tool so that you can keep all the SEO information that you have for each client (if you are an agency) or for each of your websites in the same interface.

The goal of a site administrator, according to the creators of, is to automate many time-consuming tasks. We can say that it is one of the best features of

4. Rank Tracking offers you a rank tracking tool for major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and you can restrict the results to national or local rankings based on your needs.

It also tracks mobile device rankings alongside desktop rankings so you don’t miss out on the huge amount of traffic coming from portable devices.

This rank tracker shows you which keywords(target keywords) have improved and which ones have dropped in ranking so you can act as quickly as possible.

In Simple, It tracks the keyword position on Google SERP

The rank tracker also allows you to set up periodic reports that are sent to you automatically, showing the evolution of your rankings if you don’t have time to constantly review them.

You can also define the frequency of these emails.

5. Domain Finding (Domain Research)

Looking for the best domain for a new project or for your private blog network?

The Aged Domain Finder (Domain Research tool) searches for expired domains using information from Domain sources like GoDaddy Auctions, NameJet, SnapNames,, Dynadot, Sedo, Droplists, Pheenix, Fabulous and finds you High-Quality domains.

You also get Moz and Majestic metrics, current price, domain age, and inbound links for all domains to see if the one you are interested in will be a good buy or devalue as soon as you buy it.

If you need more information on any of these domains, you can simply submit them to Site Explorer (jump to Site Explorer).

It makes it easy to verify all the metrics that matter when buying a domain without wasting a lot of time. Like other tools, saves you time and money with this tool.

6. Social Acquisition comes with a cool feature that helps your brand to improve on social media. It’s called a Social Exchanger and it works just as the name implies: it’s an exchange. provides a network of users with points to comment, retweet, like, and otherwise interact with other users’ posts, tweets, and accounts.

This gives you organic social signals from real users instead of bots, which is a real improvement compared to other SEO tools for social networks.

It works by creating an offer, when other users perform the required action, they get points; This action can be to retweet a message, leave a review, like a Facebook page, comment on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, ask questions to Amazon or Quora …

And much more…

7. Client Acquisition

For Client Acquisition, there are several tools, including Site Auditor Pro.

This client acquisition tool helps you design a widget that you can put on your website by embedding a code or using the WordPress plugin. The widget can be customized, of course.

The purpose of this widget is to offer a free audit of the website, in exchange for information such as contact details. Once a potential client enters your website URL, the tool automatically performs an SEO audit for the website.

The user will receive an email with a white label report about your website, using your company brand.

On the other hand, it receives your data for greater contact.

This is a really cool tool that helps you get more leads by automatically sending them useful information right after the first contact with your website.

You can also integrate with, Aweber, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, GetResponse, Ontraport, and many other marketing automation tools.

8. Link Indexer

You want to have all your backlinks indexed in search engines. Link Indexer does the hard work for you. You just need to add the links and a third-party built-in API speeds up the process for you.

This makes it easier to submit links than having to wait for a review using Search Console. Also, you can use Index Checker (another feature) to check if your backlinks are indexed on Google.

Index Checker saves you from many problems (such as Google blocking your IP address) that could arise when trying to verify these backlinks yourself.

If you use tools like the backlink indexer, you can add the API keys and use them through


9. Reporting

Do you spend part of your month writing detailed reports for your clients on your websites? We know it’s a time-consuming effort and sometimes not even worth it – you end up having to explain your entire report in detail in a video call, or worse, in a meeting.

This platform has a specific reporting function that will save you a lot of time; automatic reports. They are easy to build in a few clicks and can have your brand logo and color scheme.

This works quite well with different clients. For those who are more practical, they can get a detailed report with all the metrics, backlinks, Moz metrics, Majestic metrics, and whatever they think is necessary.

For an agency, this powerful feature is a time-saver that prevents them from doing the same boring reports every month or week.

Once you’ve set up a report, it will run on autopilot for as long as you need it.

10. Client Dashboards

Another feature that we really like about is the ability to create dashboards that non-users can access. What does this mean?

This means that you can design a dashboard by choosing from a wide variety of widgets and getting the login details for each of your customers.

The dashboard tool is easy to work with and is a white label dashboard that you can customize in various ways, including branding to match your client or agency, however you like!

However, this feature comes in the “SERPed Agency” package …

11. Site Explorer

Site Explorer pulls the data from various tools like Moz, MajesticSEO, and also SERPed, to display the essential data about a website

They extract data for both versions of the website site (with “www” and without “www”). Therefore, users can check which version of their site is stronger, and then he/she can plan all of his SEO activities for that version.

It will also present you with the most important data, that is, Topical relevancy. There is a lot of talk about topical optimization of a site over keyword optimization. Google is moving towards machine learning. VS The Competition

Alternative to Ahrefs

Ahrefs is also an old tool, and if in some way it has been able to keep up with the competition, in many others it falls behind. For starters, it doesn’t have analytical integration, which should be an essential feature of any SEO tool.

It does not have any social tools either.

Regarding the price, the Ahrefs Lite plan starts at $ 99, which is quite expensive for the features it includes.

Alternative to SEMRush

SEMRush has many cool features that make it useful for both agencies and freelancers.

However, its price is also a drawback: For $99, you get only the Pro plan, which only allows you to track 5 projects at a time.

For $ 79, offers you tracking for 20 different websites.

Although SEMRush is a fairly comprehensive tool compared to Ahrefs, for example, its ease of use is not highly recommended either. SEMRush is a powerful tool, but it is really expensive and difficult to work with.

Alternative to Raven Tools

Raven Tools starts at the same price for their Start plan: $79 per month. Raven Tools is a behemoth in the SEO tools business and offers similar features.

However, many users complain about glitches in their platform and getting inaccurate results. This results in ending up having to have other smaller tools to make sure you have your metrics right, which becomes costly and tiring.

Alternative to Moz Pro

Moz Pro is quite a popular player in the SEO business, due to the popularity of Moz Rank. Moz Rank has survived many evolutions of the web ecosystem and is still quite useful to know more about a domain.

It is also a source of learning material for SEO beginners. However, Moz Pro is missing some key features that could improve its usability.

Although it is quite useful for obtaining backlinks and analyzing competitors, it does not offer reporting tools that are necessary for both agencies and startups.

Also, their standard plan starts at $99 per month, which is quite expensive for many users.

Conclusion: Should you get proves in many ways to be stronger and more reasonably priced than its competition.

It also has over 40 different SEO tools that give you the key to getting your SEO work done. Its reports and dashboards are easy to create and easy to read and understand.

It has all the features (some advanced features as well) that other more expensive tools offer, with many extras that make your life as an SEO professional that much easier.

Their keyword research tool is excellent too, with all the metrics you’d get from Google’s Keyword Planner and so much more.

The analytics information is easy to understand and has all the metrics that matter, without any fluff or vanity metrics that give you no insights at all.

SERPed Pricing Plans

SERPed offers 3 pricing plans to choose from

However, if you purchase it annually you will get an additional discount on it.

Monthly Pricing Plans:

  • Premium Plan – $79/month
  • Ultimate Plan – $179/month
  • Enterprise Plan – $379/month

Yearly Pricing Plans:

  • Premium Plan – $59/ month
  • Ultimate Plan – $134/ month
  • Enterprise Plan – $284/ month

Wrap Up

We recommend, This SEO tools suite not only for how it measures up to the competition but also for the very reasonable price that is really below average for all the tools you get with it.

Also, check out the Long Tail Pro review, a keyword research tool dedicated to finding long-tail keywords and generic keywords…

For more information, see the SERPed net blog by clicking here


This SEO tool is a must for SEO Agencies, SEO Freelancers, In-House SEO Teams, Site Owners, and Bloggers.

You need an SEO tool in order to do a perfect SEO. For doing Site, Keyword Research, more.

Yes, is an SEO tool. It contains over 40+ tools
1. Keyword Research
2. SEO Analysis
3. Site Management
4. Rank Tracker
It is a comprehensive suite of 40+ tools…

This tool analyzes the top results of Google and Bing for you and tells you what keywords in the sites you want to track rank for.

If you opt for Yearly Plan – as low as $59/month
If you opt for Monthly Plan – as low as $79/month



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